Last month, Billy Triantafilos captivated an audience of over 500 seasoned investors at the EXPAND Investor Conference hosted by WealthGenius. As a keynote speaker, Billy delved into an analysis of Ottawa’s real estate market, highlighting TCU’s strategic responses to its ever-changing landscape. While familiar challenges persist, such as interest rates and construction costs, exciting opportunities emerge—rising rental rates, decreasing vacancy levels, and new government incentives.


Developers still deal with risks like interest rates, limited land inventory, high land acquisition costs, city fees, and construction expenses. However, among these challenges, opportunities for developers exist. The high demand for rentals and limited supply for tenants contribute to rising rental rates and decreasing vacancy levels. Government initiatives, especially immigration policy goals, further fuel demand for rental housing. Developers also now enjoy benefits like CMHC financing and favourable tax requirements, encouraging shovels-in-the-ground.


Investing through a limited partnership with TCU allows investors to reap the benefits of rental housing investment while mitigating associated risks. At TCU, we redefine the real estate investment experience, offering exclusive opportunities for limited partners. Explore the advantages of our limited partnership model, including hands-off/passive investing, an inflation hedge, limited liability, access to off-market opportunities, tax benefits, portfolio diversification, strong returns, economies of scale, and partner alignment.


Whether you have a speaking opportunity or just want to delve deeper into our world, contact us now to have TCU at your next event!