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At TCU Development Corporation, our residents, colleagues and partners are at the heart of all we do. We invest alongside our partners, to build purpose-driven developments that serve our communities and support residents, while generating definitive returns.

We lead with transparency, innovate with intent, and build with purpose.

Private Real Estate Investment Firm

We do things differently. Our experienced, agile team knows how to make quick decisions and overcome obstacles. Our adaptable nature, combined with the charm of our boutique firm, strikes a unique balance that allows us to innovate and excel in our projects, letting you take a hands-off approach. Partnering with TCU means that we manage everything from start to finish.

With our proven track record of developing over $500 million in real estate and over 90 projects, we’re trusted as one of the leading developers in Ottawa. This is all possible because of our strong partnerships with private real estate investors like you and reputable industry professionals, from architects to contractors.

Real Estate Development Investing

Investing in real estate developments is more than building structures and closing transactions; it’s about building legacies and creating communities. With TCU Development Corporation, we will manage the overall execution of the project from beginning to end. From acquisition to post-construction management, our team is committed to delivering results that optimize your capital investment. Our partnership with private real estate investors like you is a journey where each development is a testament to a shared vision and collective growth.

You’re part of a community-driven initiative. Your investments don’t just yield returns; they contribute to better housing for communities. Our developments are purpose-driven, sustainable, and tailored for long-term success.

Your investment obligations are entirely passive—we take care of developments from beginning to end.

About Us

Founded by Mike Corneau and Billy Triantafilos in 2010, TCU Development Corporation has become a major real estate investment company in Ottawa specializing in strategic development and investment management. We lead with a hands-on, human-centric approach, overseeing our own projects with the mission of providing quality housing for residents in the Ottawa community and valuable returns that investors like you can count on.

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Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating purposeful real estate investments—spaces that resonate with people’s needs and lifestyles. We are approachable and are always available for investors—we stand by transparency and communication as pillars for successful partnerships. Our goal is to give back to our communities through quality development projects while taking care of the people who help us deliver our mission.

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